Patrice Brand is a two-time Author, Financial Consultant, Radio Personality and CEO of PHM Financial Services, Inc.

She established this organization to empower consumers to live their best life with financial freedom.

Patrice came from a poverty stricken neighborhood, and through hard work and determination; she became an educated woman both successful in business and in life.

Her educational background includes a BSBA with a major in Finance, an MBA with a concentration in Accounting, both from Roosevelt University. She also holds certifications in Financial Counseling, Credit Counseling and is a licensed Life Insurance Agent with Trans America.

As an Accounting professional, she quickly advanced within her organization to obtain a management level position. As a new manager, Patrice successfully restructured an Accounts Receivable department thorough automations and process improvements and managed a portfolio of millions in a fast-paced corporate environment.

Patrice applied that same fortitude and planning in her career toward the improvement of her personal finances and the development of a financial literacy training program.

She shares her personal financial struggles and her journey to financial independence. As a new college student, she made many mistakes with her finances from maxing out credit cards to neglecting to pay her monthly bills. She became overextended with her finances and was unable to meet her financial obligations, which caused a significant decrease in her credit score.

Patrice made the decision to take control of her finances and to do that, she had to create a plan to drastically change her spending habits. Her plan included finding ways to reduce her monthly expenses, utilizing promotional increases to pay off debt and studying the key factors to improve her credit score.

Through responsibly managing her finances, she was able to purchase her first home before the age of 30. Patrice is passionate about sharing her personal secrets and proven strategies to help others to achieve her level of success.

Patrice has 10 years of experience providing financial literacy training. She provides tools to prevent, manage and reduce debt. She understands how financial struggles can also lead to stress and anxiety and provides her clients with actionable plans to effectively improve their finances and change their spending habits.