Personal Financial Plans

Includes an analysis of your income, expenses, debt obligations, credit report and recommendations for a customized financial improvement plan. Let us help you create a plan to improve your finances and provide strategies to changes your spending habits long-term. We offer a variety of packages that will fit your budget.

Basic Package

Choose a customized plan to achieve your set goals.

Combination Package

Includes a choice of three customized plans with a special prepayment discount rate.

Deluxe Package (BEST DEAL)

Includes all five customized plans with a special prepayment discount rate.

PHM Financial Services

Budget Plan

Assist you to identify and categorize all household income and expenses. Includes recommendations to reduce expenses and to create a money savings plan. Tools are provided to balance and maintain your budget long-term.

PHM Financial Services

Debt Management Plan

Assist you to identify and prioritize all financial obligations. Includes an analysis of your debt and recommendations on a debt management strategy. Tools are provided to create goals and track progress of your debt management plan.

PHM Financial Services

Credit Repair Plan

Comprehensive training provided on the key components of the credit report and the credit score. Includes a detailed review of your credit report for accuracy and an actionable plan is created to improve your credit score.

PHM Financial Services

Life Insurance

Assist you to evaluate your life insurance needs and determine the best life insurance policy based on your financial plans and budget.

PHM Financial Services

Retirement Planning

Assist you to set goals for retirement and determine the best tools to increase your retirement savings and maximize your tax benefits.


Interactive Group Sessions

Available sessions include a summary of several focus areas, the presenter will expound on a select topic in details or provide a full presentations to include all focus areas. The prices will vary depending on the level of information provided, participants and distance traveled. Inquire on special pricing available for not-for-profit organizations.

In these life changing training sessions, Patrice Brand provides her personal secrets and proven strategies on how to effectively budget your money, manage your debt, improve your credit score, to evaluate your life insurance needs and plan for retirement. Training materials are provided.

These interactive sessions allows the consumer to create a customized personal financial plan with financial planning workbook “Unlocking the key to Financial Freedom”. Each participant is encouraged to bring all sources of income, monthly expenses, total debt and a copy of their credit report for the successful completion of the workshop.

Allows consumers to view seminar presentations remotely and to submit questions via a dashboard. Requires a computer with internet access.