It was our pleasure to have you.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the body of Christ. To all of the Pastors who are looking to educate and inform your congregation about finances, I recommend Patrice L. Brand.  She is knowledgeable in this area and she blessed the Women at our conference.  We wished we only had more time for her to share.  She is full of a wealth of knowledge and she delivers her information using Biblical principles without losing the essence of the subject matter.  Her willingness to speak and help God’s people is very refreshing.  Don’t delay call her and book her for your next Financial event.  Many Blessing Patrice and much success.

Pastor Betty Evans, Kingdom Life Center

I really enjoyed the Financial Freedom Conference. The seminar was so informative and provided me the tools I needed to start managing my debt and to clean up my credit. The presentation on creating a budget and why it’s important to create a budget, really opened my eyes and forced me to really think about how I spend my money.  When my husband and I realized how much we were spending on fast food, we were very disappointed. Now, we are more cautious of our spending and opt to cook more at home. The money we were spending on fast food, we are now saving. We are enjoying significant growth in our savings account.

The information shared was life changing. Everyone should know and understand how to manage their finances, debt and credit.  I will definitely recommend and encourage my family and friends to attend one of the seminars. Thanks again, for providing the tools needed to start the journey of unlocking my financial freedom.

Tybet O.

I want to say working with Ms. Brand has given me such great hope for my future. She was extremely clear and made everything easy to understand. The professionalism that she works with is par none. I was given action items that are achievable. The things she shared and the plan she helped me setup, I believe will change my life. I honestly feel like I’ve gotten a degree in credit counseling, that’s how informative she was. I’m 30 years old and have a new outlook on my finances. She made me feel comfortable sharing my debt because she was very professional. I’m grateful to have been introduced to Ms. Brand, because if I follow the plan she’s created for me in the next 9 months, I will be debt free and able to purchase property. Thank you Ms. Brand.

Christopher H.

I truly enjoyed the financial seminar. The information about debt management, credit repair and budgeting will help me get out of my financial snares and will help me avoid further traps. I believe that the seminar will be priceless for anyone on the road to building wealth.

Dawn H.

I came to this meeting completely lost and uneducated on the fundamentals of my credit report/score. Patrice gave me so much knowledge and a greater understanding of how to be aware and manage my credit as well as improve it. I recommend the deluxe package, where you will evaluate credit, budgeting and debt management. I now have a sense of direction and realistic goals in place, that as carried out, I’ll begin to see improvements.

Melanie K.